How to setup Hyperledger Fabric and Composer in Mac OSX?

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Installing pre-requisites, Following tools you need to install before start hyperledger fabric and composer

  1. OSX 10.12.6 minimum os
  2. nvm (node version manager)
  3. Xcode
  4. node js
  5. docker

Step 1: Install hyperledger composer essential CLI tools:

Step 2: Install utility for running a REST Server on your machine to expose your business networks as RESTful APIs:

Step 3: Useful utility for generating application assets

Step 4: Yeoman is a tool for generating applications, which utilises generator-hyperledger-composer

Step 5: Install Playground, Hyperledger composer playground is browser based utility which will help you to define & test your business. Hyperledger composer playground is also available online.

Step 6: Install Hyperledger Fabric, In a directory of your choice (we will assume ~/fabric-tools), get the .zip file that contains the tools to install Hyperledger Fabric:

Step 7: Download Hyperledger Fabric docker images and other tools

Step 8: Starting and stopping Hyperledger Fabric. The first time you start up a new runtime, you’ll need to run the start script, then generate a PeerAdmin card:

You can start and stop your runtime using ~/fabric-tools/, and start it again with ~/fabric-tools/ At the end of your development session, you run ~/fabric-tools/ and then ~/fabric-tools/

Step 9: Start Hyperledger Composer Locally, make sure that you are running hyperledger fabric on docker before run composer locally

Step 10: Enjoy Hyperledger fabric and composer

I hope this tutorial will help you setup Hyperledger fabric and composer locally in your Mac OSX.

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